From the bush to the skin in just a few days

Highest bioavailability - directly from nature's energy source. With the highest density of natural vitamins and natural antioxidants. Seasonally changing products with unique active ingredient formulas.

For a lasting beautiful and healthy skin experience

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The first season cosmetics with system

  • Series A - SKIN RENEWAL

    Fresh cell treatment with natural oxygen for skin renewal. Series A opens and comprehensively prepares the skin for all other series. For a pure skin appearance.

    Delivery of series A: from April

  • Series B - SKIN LIFTING

    Natural collagen for skin tightening. Activation and promotion of blood circulation. Natural sun protection.

    Delivery of the series B: From July


    Series C stands for intensive nourishment of the skin. With natural and valuable oils as well as cereals. For a strong connective tissue and a plump skin appearance.

    Delivery of the series C: from October


    Series D stands for a multiple function. Once for the protection of the skin in the cold As well as for the preservation of moisture in the skin. At the same time it provides the skin with minerals - for a strong and protected skin.

    Delivery of the series D: from mid-January

That's what we stand for!

  • SKIN

    Skin health is our ultimate goal.


    Give the skin what you could eat yourself.


    Sustainability is our contribution to the environment.


    The skin gets what it needs.

Convincing effect of LAMOVITA™.


The active principle

Why should a healthy natural cosmetic not be able to achieve visible effects at the same time?

The skin renews itself every 28 days.

Our products combine for the first time the regenerative power of an active cosmetic with the visible results of effect cosmetics, from the very first application.

LAMOVITA™ gives the skin exactly the energy it needs for the renewal process to achieve a perfect result again and again - and thus delays skin aging to the maximum.

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Personalized care with a system

Does your skin need more moisture or more lipids? In fact, the need can vary depending on activity, well-being, energy, temperature, diet, etc. ...

This is exactly why LAMOVITA™ does not give a fixed mixture, but 3 basic ingredients that you mix according to your needs.

So your skin never gets too little - but also not too much, because it absorbs only what it really needs!

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Maximum effectiveness with simplicity

With just a few LAMOVITA™ products, you cover all your needs from head to toe, saving space in the bathroom.

Harvested today, produced tomorrow, delivered the day after.

A power and energy that you feel when you apply it.

Unique in the world in freshness and natural vitamin content.

A gentle special process guarantees the highest bioavailability of the natural ingredients and thus a maximum of valuable antioxidants.

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LAMOVITA™... is much more than cosmetics ...
It is an experience of skin health and a new level of anti-aging!
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To make getting to know it as easy as possible, there is the LAMOVITA™ Talk.

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  • Tanja Bülter - presenter and lifestyle expert

    Natural cosmetics didn't sound sexy to me until a year ago, nor did it convince me when I tried something in that direction. In my late 40s, the care and anti-aging aspect is super important to me. And that natural substances really penetrate deep into the skin and thus contribute to "Effective cosmetics"was considered improbable until now. For over a year I care for my skin with natural cosmetics from LAMOVITA.

  • Tina Ruland - Actress

  • Regina Halmich - sports presenter and boxer

    The multiple WIBF world champion in flyweight is one of the most successful female boxers in the world. Her unique success story includes a winning streak of 54 world championship fights without defeat. In 56 professional fights she achieved 54 victories, 16 of them by knockout. Regina Halmich was undefeated world champion for a total of 12 years and made women's boxing popular like no other. (Source: