7 Gründe für SkinFood

7 reasons for ski food


Protecting the skin-and thus protecting yourself holistically is the main task that Ulla Monika Panz is devoted to with Skinfood-and also runs as a thread through the product development of the skin food care products for the skin.

It is not about triggering short -term "effects", which can usually stress the skin more than doing it in the long term, but to regenerate the skin again so far that it is optimal that it is optimal again can take over.

Therefore, the greatest value was placed on the following factors when developing the cosmetic articles for Skinfood:

  1. Natural cosmetics

All cosmetic care products correspond to the requirements for natural cosmetics

  1. Groceries

The focus of the care products is foods that the "human" already knows about food intake and which therefore mean only low "stress" for the skin (recording and processing) when "applying" - i.e. consume little energy.

  1. Individuality and personalization

Every skin needs a different mix between moisture and fats every day - and if there are only minimal deviations (climate, season, ambient temperature, stress, etc.). This is exactly why the Skinfood cosmetic products are designed in such a way that optimal absorption is only possible on the pre-moistened skin. Simplified, “fetches” the skin explains exactly what it currently has in demand, but no longer less. Because only the optimal ratio of both substances guarantees a highest possible recording and saving - and also creates a positive picture.

In addition, in the development of the care series, decades of knowledge of Ulla M. Panz regarding "personalized" conditions of the skin have been incorporated, i.e. every person has their own genetic metabolic code, which is also evident through the different skin images. The result of the studies by Ulla M. Panz was implemented 1: 1 in the mixture of the natural oils, so that all products with the highest rapprochement correspond to the personalized skin code.

  1. Vitamins and minerals

According to studies, the best absorption of vitamins and minerals is guaranteed if, in addition to the natural vitamins and minerals, their secondary plant substances are also absorbed. Therefore, the Skinfood products are not added to vitamins, but contain directly in the valuable natural oils including the messenger substances. Over 3 years of research work today are in the mix of oils that are contained in the cosmetic products and that, in addition to all vitamins and minerals that are important for the skin, also favor all essential processes (activation, harmonization, etc.).

  1. UV protection

The natural tint of the valuable oils gives you natural protection against UV radiation, comparable to a product with low sun protection factor (not for use in the blazing sun)!

  1. Natural peeling

Involved in all care products based on cream base, microfine are natural ingredients that activate the skin when massage and help to remove dead skin particles similar to peeling - and support the natural regeneration of the skin.

  1. optics

And ultimately - healthy skin is also nice to look at! That is why the “side effect” was gladly accepted in the development of the SKKINFOOD products that the natural look of the skin can be preserved as long as possible for as long as possible and long-term use. The optically "plump" and "well-moistened" complexion is topped by the natural coloring of the natural pure oils (yellow-brownish), which depending on the complexion and the amount of water also gives a fresh impression-as is just relaxed back from the sun vacation .