Anwendungstipps Allgemein

Application tips in general

User information on the basic equipment Skinfood

1 Day Cream
2 Night Cream
3 Cleanser Natural
4 Cleans make-up
5 Eye Cream
6 Shower Cream
7 Body Cream



Please also note that the products are natural. The "color" in the product caused by the high -quality, natural oils can be varied by "water". Depending on the desired result, simply work with a little more or less water depending on the desired result. This allows you to determine how intense the complexion is.


    Please note: The products (1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th) work by avoiding artificial thickeners like concentrates. Therefore, please only apply the preparations to the moist skin.  


    The ideal condition You have reached when the skin is still moist in the morning. This means that the skin is "regenerated" and is independently able to optimally absorb fat and moisture. If this condition does not occur immediately after the start of the application, this can have the following causes:


    1. The skin is "to“, I.e. after applying, there is a Fat film On the skin and you have the feeling that the product "stands" on the skin, does not connect. This can arise from preliminary preparations that contain silicones, for example, or through psychological and/or physical problems. Then it takes a while for the skin to absorb natural products again. In this case you work with little preparation and a lot of water!


    1. The skin is hungry and thirsty! In this case, the product is quickly absorbed by the skin because there is a great need - and it can be a Tension remain on the skin, i.e. the skin still works dry despite care. Then you look after, i.e. you cream as often as you can or it is possible during the day, Until the ideal state is reachedThe moist-fat-fat skin in the morning!


    1. It is advisable not to use any other care products! So that the organ skin has holistic and coordinated with each other one Product basis is treated.


    Why incorporate the Skinfood care products into the moist skin?

    Involved into the moist skin, natural emulsification is created. The products get better
    Recorded by the skin, deeper incorporated and better stored.
    Working into the moist skin also means touching the skin intensively, itself
    To give pats on what the hormone oxytocin (cuddly hormone) can trigger. With that becomes
    Not only treats the skin, but also the nerves - which can cause a feeling of well -being. The
    Circulation closes. Because skin and nerves arise from the same germ cell - and
    Approximately affect each other.

    This unique formula stimulates the skin for regeneration and motivated it to
    to take on natural functions and tasks independently. The regeneration process
    Starts with the first application and takes, depending on the skin condition.