Einzigartigkeit – warum SkinFood?

Uniqueness - Why Skinfood?

What is special about ski food food for skin and organ care?
The products …
... stimulate the metabolism
... activate and bleed the skin
... dispose of toxins from the skin
... supply the skin with all important vitamins and minerals
... have an impact and regenerating
... feed the skin
... fill up the skin - and equalize it
... calm down and moisturize the skin
… As a result, retain the elasticity
... and support the clamping power of the skin
system care
All skin care products are built on the same basis. This prevents irritation that otherwise occur if the skin is confronted with too many different substances. At the same time, the skin care products are produced according to the basics and regulations of natural cosmetics. The cocktail effect is avoided!
Regeneration cosmetics with repair effect
Unique care series that adapts independently to the daily skin needs
Due to the unique formula and special composition of the care series, a natural emulsion is achieved in the application - exclusively on the damp skin. As a result, the skin absorbs exactly as many active ingredients (concentrates) as it needs at this moment: no more and no less! The skin is relieved of targeted care and valuable ingredients can be saved more sustainably.
Unique active ingredient formula based on genetic skin typology
In the case of several years of analyzes, genetic basic parameters could be determined that typologically describe skin behavior (phenotype of the skin). Each genetic skin type shows its own basic assessment, which can be activated, balanced and supported by individually determined substances. The care series was built exactly on this basis. For an optimal effect! In addition, we use natural ingredients when manufacturing, which are also known as food - for individual harmony between inside and outside!
We understand the skin as an organ in interplay with other organs
The skin is not just a shell that surrounds the body, but the largest human organ- an admission and excretion body. Accordingly, the skin with other organs is in a metabolic process. Everyone knows that "internal" diseases can show themselves in the complexion (example: belt rose; herpes zoster). It is also known that skin diseases can also affect the organs/nervous system. It is also largely unknown that many creams contain substances that cannot be processed by the body and deposit accordingly - and mostly in places where it does not like it and you don't want to have it! In dermatology one speaks of the cocktail effect that can occur when different products are used. Because some products can already contain the limit values ​​of substances that can be harmful to the body as a single product (example: parabens). This is exactly why our products are built on a natural and same basis. This avoids irritation of the skin that can arise if different products are used, for example, for the face, hands, the body, etc. We don't seem to be able to do that to the other organs! If we eat too much, for example, it usually doesn't get our digestive tract.