SkinFood Hairline - Nur das Beste für Kopfhaut und Haare

Skinfood Hairline - only the best for scalp and hair

Only the best for scalp and hair

Healthy, strong and shiny hair, easily frisable with volume and a lot of durability ... Who doesn't want that!

The health of hair and scalp is influenced not only by the genetic predisposition, a healthy diet and physical and soulful well-being, but also by the right care. For this reason, Ulla Monika Panz developed a care series that cleans, cares for the hair and supplies with important and valuable minerals - and at the same time builds up the scalp.

The special thing: The care products are based on the natural and functional process of the body.

Hair and scalp cleaning

In the first step, hair and scalp are cleaned. The hair is "opened", so that in addition to the necessary moisture, valuable minerals can penetrate. This creates a "repair effect".

Hair and scalp food

In the second step, valuable minerals and care substances are introduced, which build and maintain the hair from "inside". For well -groomed, plump and full hair.

Hair and scalp strengthening

In the third step, hair and scalp get important substances that have a refreshing and strong effect and store a lot of moisture. The scalp and hair are optimally "closed" to increase the resistance - and ensure a bright beautiful shine.

Styling & finish

In addition, there are styling products depending on which result they want to achieve. The hit for many years: the special hair spray without alcohol and drift gas, which does not glue the hair and ensures a persistent and natural hold and shine.

  • Special hair spray
  • Hair-wax
  • Fön lotion
  • Protein mousse soft
  • Glam and Shine