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Gudrun Mack

My experience with LAMOVITA™

"You look so refreshed.
What are you doing?
And I'm telling you about Lamovita!
They look at me in disbelief.
How only from cosmetics?
Yes, from Lamovita."

OCTOBER 2021 - the journey begins!

Entry with Series C, AI CEREALI

I met a charming, personable woman via FB and learn that she is in the cosmetics business. Soon after, I receive a package! Open it and say and write, 5 Flacon and a jar with cream come to light. Suspiciously I eye this amount. So dear ones, I think we will not be friends. Too much time consuming!

Oh how easy is my daily face preparation. Cleanse, day and night cream in one, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, a light liquid makeup, lipstick. Completely renovated in 20 minutes.

Today I took my time, a little wellness. Off to the sauna. An exhausting week lies behind me. With the package under my arm, I enter my wellness area. I stand in front of my Buddha and on the, in my eyes, vast amount of "schmotzereien" and look at him with a devastating conspiratorial look. Murmur mysteriously... hey you, if I look like a toad after this your place is free here. Then you come out into the open. It is very damp and cold there in winter. Think it over carefully.

I have already had my first sauna. So, now I read the description. Ok, first clean No. 1, No. 2 Aqua - schwuppdiwupp, the juice sucks itself into my skin like a giant octopus, which no longer gives its fat prey. I add some more of this tonic. It can't hurt! Maybe you have to take twice as much here and they forgot the second bottle of No. 2. That did not want to bring me still more, for the purpose of the multiplicity, from the equilibrium. Klaro, so it is.

Now No. 3 Serum ... delightful, can be distributed so smoothly. No. 4 Olio ... on top. And No. 5 Crema follows immediately. I wait relaxed the things that work on me. And I show my Buddha my fist.

Oh, there's the little glass jar - a mask. My face is filled up. However, I still have feet that are so strained because I mostly "dance around" on the high, oh so beautiful high heels.
Intensively I cream, I massage, my feet, size 36, lovingly.
Lean back with pleasure and wait for things to happen. Promptly I fall asleep. I feel totally relaxed. My facial skin shimmers a bit like mother-of-pearl, my little feet? Oh, oh! Not bleach face, but "bleach foot factory" sends its regards.
I run lukewarm water over the "troubled", carefully dry my feet, they are so soft, smell fantastic! A new world opens up here. Hey, all those who sweat so much, they could treat themselves to an application under the arms and on the troubled feet with this mask from time to time!

I stroke my Buddha, thank you! My face feels somehow different. Better, more pleasant! So Gudrun, such nonsense after a treatment? Imagination is also an education! That night I slept fantastically.

Out of bed, I rush to the mirror to see if a sandstorm has swept over my face. And I am so satisfied. Stroke my cheeks, everything is okay.

So slowly I have become accustomed to the 5 Flacon. I only use the cleansing lotion in the evening. Would be too bad to rinse out the residue that is in the skin from the night before. For this I find that my skin loves the No. 2 especially. It's addicted to this tonic. I therefore apply once, let the liquid absorb and soak again. Then I carefully massage the 3, 4, and 5, on the face, décolleté, arms, body and legs to the tips of the feet.

The skin on the earlobes, as well as the elbows, knees, and heels are worriers! Always a little rough. Most evenings after my facial, I rub extra on these areas. And lo and behold, they became as soft as a baby's bottom! Rosy and well supplied with blood.

Our feet have to perform incredible feats. They are treated like stepchildren. That's why I repeat this treatment several times a month. Apply the mask, wrap my feet with foil, leave the mask on for 30 minutes, then rub it off, dip it in warm water, dry it off and apply 2,3,4,5 cream, put socks on and go to bed. Places that were previously rough like fine sandpaper are now soft, well supplied with blood.

I could lovingly caress someone's face with it. Or give a back massage. I'll have to try it out, hopefully the "green Minna" won't come because they think I've confused my hands with my feet! Well, I can try out my flexibility. This is called the slightly different gymnastics, ladies and gentlemen!!!!!!!! Inspired by Lamovita! Hopefully not more such extraordinary thoughts bubble up, because I will certainly continue to use these products.

I suspect that by wearing the medical mask, a cold sore will find a place with me. I cleanse and treat my face as I do every evening. Then I take a cotton swab, dab it with the #2 my skin loves and dab the area with it several times. In the morning the itching and pain are almost gone. Again I repeat the same procedure as last night in the afternoon and in the evening. And lo and behold. The bitch has gone away. There is only a slight redness. That is why I continue to use No.2 and then the other products. You stubborn herpes residue, I declare war on you and I bet you lose. Hello Aries, you have won once again!
My skin feels wonderful. The smell is so natural and I think these products are what my skin needs. At first I was so skeptical, thought so many "tubs" and also a jar no one needs. Waste of time ... well, I guess I was wrong.

My rituals...
In the morning shower, cold-warm-cold, compresses cold-good warm on the face. Then, the beloved No. 2 apply 2 times in a row, followed by No.3, No.4, No.5!
In the evening shower cold-warm, clean with No. 1 compress warm-cold, as well, one tolerates it. The preparations are very good for me. My skin was rough at times, now I notice how my skin texture improves. Now and then a mask on the face, the décolleté and to my feet!

Three months have passed, my appearance and well-being has taught me better. My Buddha has calmed down. There are no more threats! He gets his strokes! First of all, it's not a big time commitment at all. It goes everything jerk tock from the hand. Only why my skin is so thirsty and addicted to No. 2, I have to clarify with LAMOVITA™.


Read in 3 months how the journey continues... have fun!