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Out of CCO becomes Ski food Food for the skinWhat is it that drives a person, a formula for him for him Perfect cosmetics to develop? At Ulla M. Panz, it was the history of illness that motivated her to seek solutions.

In 1975 Ulla M. Panz founded her institute as a practice for skin and hair. In the 80s she developed a method for Analysis of the genetic basic assessment of skin, body and organs. In 1997 she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, the entire stomach was removed in January 1998, further operations and a long treatment path followed. And mostly it is such incisions in life that make awareness of certain areas of life - with Ulla M. Panz it was the topic: the holistic person in his individuality that "puts" the skin in which man "is". And built on it, she developed her own nutritional, energy and skin concept ”.

 • How can I specifically support my body, my organs?

 • How can I still build up enough energy through little food?

• How can I feed myself without mangas without the food loading my body?

 We know that everything we absorb must also be processed by the body - that it is not just about recording

 "Eating and drinking" but also about the perfect and correct absorption of nutrients. Ulla M. Panz developed a nutritional concept that made it possible for her to get the previous weight and the previous energy again - and specifically put these findings on the largest human organ: the skin- With the claim, natural products To develop that could also be eaten without hesitation. Fabrics that the body already "knows" through food intake and which are taken into account, processed, processed and stored in a positive way when recording via the skin. The rest was pure fascination: to recognize how the body and skin over it regenerates (and vice versa!) How it gains energy and strength- for a great body and skin feeling!

 Using healthy and beautiful skin not only the well -being, self -confidence and as a mirror to show your own soul in the best light, is the primary goal of Ulla M. Panz. As well, To give the skin as the largest organ also the perception and role that it is entitled! Incidentally, the typical optical effects also show: Reduction of the wrinkle depth, tightening of the skin, the skin, luminosity of the skin, plump and well moistened skin - Above all, the ability to optimally supply the orgae skin through consistent use of the products and to be able to optimally delay the process of skin aging. And explains why users are enthusiastic and satisfied.

 District tips


The CCO Beauty special oils for face (30ml) and body (100ml) are set up based on a unique combination of active ingredients. The skin not only gets the highest quality, but the food it really needs. Because the natural and high-quality CCO oils are very similar to the self-fetted skin, they can be taken out excellently, fill out fine bumps and wrinkles and thus equalize in a natural way! The skin is gently renewed, moisture losses reduced.


Please only massage the CCO oils on the damp skin, slightly massaged into the skin in a gentle, upward circular movements. Performed on the damp skin, the CCO oils connect to a pleasant emulsion and can thus be absorbed wonderfully.


The CCO oils contain natural protective functions, but are not intended as a protective application for a longer stay in the blazing sun, e.g. at noon. In any case, you can use the CCO oils in combination with sun protection preparations if necessary (please predict the oils).


High -quality

The basis is a mixture of high -quality vegetable oils, the unique formula of which is built on the genetic code of the skin.


The cosmetic skin products are based on food. This means that the demand is implemented by dermatologists that "belongs to the skin, which would also be eaten without hesitation


The cosmetic skin products are concentrates and are applied to the moist skin. This creates a natural emulsion, so that all active ingredients are recorded excellently from the skin, incorporated and above all: can be saved.

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