Application tips
The following application tips affect both our Daily Care series Skinfood and the Lamovita intensive regeneration series.
All of our products work as concentrates by avoiding artificial thickeners.Therefore, please only apply the preparations to the moist skin.
Theideal conditionYou have reached when the skin is still moist in the morning. This means that the skin is "regenerated" and is independently able to optimally absorb fat and moisture. If this condition does not occur immediately after the start of the application, this can have the following causes:
1- The skin is "too", i.e. after applyingFat filmOn the skin and you have the feeling that the product "stands" on the skin, does not connect. This can arise from preliminary preparations that contain silicones, for example, or through psychological and/or physical problems. Then it takes a while for the skin to absorb natural products again. In this case you work with little preparation and a lot of water!
2- The skin is hungry and thirsty! In this case, the product is quickly absorbed by the skin because there is a great need - and it can be aTensionremain on the skin, i.e. the skin still works dry despite care. Then you look after, i.e. you cream as often as you can or it is possible until the dayIdeal state is reached ... the damp-fat skin in the morning!
It is advisable not to use any other care products! So that the organSKINCovered holistically and coordinated with a product basis (Skinfood or Lamovita).
What happens when Skinfood or Lamovita is incorporated into the moist skin? 
Involved into the moist skin, natural emulsification is created. The products are better absorbed by the skin and saved. The familiarization into the moist skin also means touching the skin intensively, giving themselves stroking units, which can trigger the hormone oxytocin (cuddly hormone). This not only treats the skin, but also the nerves - which can cause a feeling of well -being. The circulation closes. Because the skin and nerves arise from the same germ cell - and influence each other accordingly.
This unique formula stimulates the skin for regeneration and motivated to take on its natural functions and tasks independently. The regeneration process already begins with the first application and lasts according to the skin condition.
At Lamovita, this process is supported powerfully by antioxidants and changing series, which always adapt to the light and temperature conditions over the year.
For a highest possible success!

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