Experience LAMOVITA™ up close and personal

LAMOVITA™ ... is much more than cosmetics ...
It is an experience of skin health and a new level of anti-aging
But how does the sensational effect of LAMOVITA™?
To make getting to know it as easy as possible, there is the LAMOVITA™ Talk.

This is how it works:

  • You fill out the contact form without obligation
  • We get in touch with you, discuss the details and your questions
  • You define your role - whether as host and/or as organizer
  • As a host, you will receive a free product package for the TALK at your disposal
  • Our team is digitally present at the LAMOVITA™-TALK ...
  • We digitally (video conference) take over the technical moderation ...
  • ... and answer all your and your guests' questions on the subject of skin


    As a host:in you invite friends and acquaintances to the LAMOVITA-TALK and receive a presentation package as a thank you.


    As an organizer you look for hosts, organize time and place, invite interested people for a cosmetic party and participate in the success!


  • What does my skin need to be radiantly beautiful and healthy?
  • What does my skin really need - more moisture or more lipids?
  • How can I counteract skin aging in a natural way?
  • Why skin health and beauty are inextricably linked?
  • Why LAMOVITA™ - and what does it do to your skin?
  • Why LAMOVITA™ is used from head to toe - and what do I get out of it?
  • The secret of LAMOVITA™ - what is behind the unique freshness principle?

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