LAMOVITA™ natural cosmetics

Fresh cosmetics from the power source of nature

Absolute freshness


Seasonally adapted to individual temperature and light conditions.

Who wants to eat the same thing every day ... hardly imaginable, right?

And even throughout the year, in summer and winter?why do we then expect our largest organ, the skin?

LAMOVITA is about more than care, it is about the health of our largest organ, our skin.

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Changing needs of the skin

Seasonal products

Take spring for example.nature is awakening.the first rays of sunshine warm our skin.happiness hormones flood us ...

Our skin needs after the dark season with artificial heat and light a supply that vitalizes the skin and body now!

Accordingly, the needs of the skin change throughout the year!

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LAMOVITA™, produced via a special process from natural foods, guarantees freshness!

The fresher a food, the higher the energy content - and thus the effect!

Many processes benefit from this, such as blood circulation, metabolism, etc., which can lead to a tightening of the skin. At the same time, the aging of the skin is delayed in a completely natural way.

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From the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside


SUPERFOODS have multiple effects - on the one hand they delay skin aging and at the same time support regeneration.

The active ingredient capsaicin (e.g. in peppers) can provide for an improvement of the skin's blood circulation and can help to improve the connective tissue. Fruits act as vitamin C bombs against free radicals. Cereals (e.g. oats) are characterized by a 3-fold effect!

Via B vitamins they support the psyche, on the skin they prevent water loss and bind moisture, at the same time they promote digestion and protect the intestines.

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Like a freshly picked apple


The goal is to support and nourish your skin to the maximum from the inside as well as the outside.

Therefore, on request, you will receive appropriate nutritional recommendations in addition to the care products ...

... which in turn correspond to the ingredients of LAMOVITA™.

Thus, the superfoods have a "double" effect, via the skin in the metabolic process with the organs and via nutrition i.e. via the organs on the skin.

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Natural regeneration

In the LAMOVITA™ series, each product builds on the respective previous preparation. Step by step, all stores are replenished!

The complete regeneration cycle
runs through 12 months.

The goal is that at the end of the process the skin is able to regulate all the functions for maintaining health, freshness and vitality by itself again.

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Each series has its own task. And builds on the effect of the previous series.

Seasonally, the ingredients change from series to series, each with its own function:

Series A - Alla Erbe
Series B - Alla Frutta
Series C - Ai Cereali
Series D - Ai Minerali

We recommend entering the world of LAMOVITA™ with Series A, alternatively with Series C.

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That's what we stand for!

  • SKIN

    Skin health is our ultimate goal.


    Give the skin what you could eat yourself.


    Sustainability is our contribution to the environment.


    The skin gets what it needs.