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SET 2 skin and hair

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WE support DKMS LIFE

  1. WE support DKMS LIFE! The duo of natural deep cleansing with oxygen and the GEL to activate the scalp and hair roots supports hair growth and strengthens existing roots. With every sold SET 2 skin and hair go 7,50 € to DKMS LIFE.
  2. The patient programs of DKMS LIFE give patients with cancer new hope and zest for life.
  3. The topic is a matter of the heart for us, because LAMOVITA™ founder Ulla Monika Panz first developed the vision to develop programs for regeneration after cancer through her cancer illness and will live 25 years without a stomach in January of the coming year. One project was to produce fresh cosmetics from natural organic foods (SUPERFOODS) according to the motto: What I don't want to eat, I don't want to have on my skin!

The starter set with 2 products at the special offer price.

  • Increase blood circulation to the scalp
  • Promotion of hair growth
  • Opening of the pores of the scalp for better supply
  • Revising the thinning of the hair
  • Strengthening the hair roots
  • Natural stimulation of hair follicles
  • Treatment of scalp irritations
  • against the slagging of scalp and scalp zones
  • Support for the retention of moisture and lipids on the scalp
  • Supply of the scalp with valuable vitamins and minerals
  • For more volume and hold of the hairstyle

The Package scalp and hair consists of 2 natural cosmetic products of 100ml each in airless dispenser

  • Cleansing (LAVAGGIO)
  • Build-up gel for scalp and hair (GEL PER IL CUOIO CAPELUTTO)

The basic package is always delivered in the herbal series ALLE ERBE

LIMITED - delivery is made as long as the products are in stock

Production takes place FRESH in each quarter

The package lasts about 3-4 months

Below for the description of each product in the set:


Intensive cleansing with natural chlorophyll for the face, as a shower gel for the entire body, as a shampoo for natural cleansing of the scalp and hair.

Is produced fresh 4 x year, always based on natural and wild herbs. 

Unit price: 100 ml, airless with bamboo, unit price incl. VAT € 36.90 


A true WONDER PRODUCT when it comes to activating the scalp in a natural way and stimulating hair growth through the roots.

To strengthen, invigorate and stimulate the hair root, as well as the blood circulation in the scalp. Strengthens the hair base, has a positive effect on hair growth and provides a better hold of the hairstyle.

Is produced fresh 4 times a year, always based on natural and wild herbs.

Unit price: 100 ml, airless with bamboo, unit price incl. VAT € 47.90

Special offer price in set: € 84,80 € 76,32
incl. VAT and incl. entry discount
and incl. shipping costs you save ... € 12,38
    SET 2 skin and hair
    SET 2 skin and hair
    SET 2 skin and hair
    SET 2 skin and hair
    SET 2 skin and hair

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