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Product application

With each delivery you will receive a detailed application description, always related to the current series.

To highlight the order of application, we have numbers on the packages.

If you have additional questions, about the application or a specific skin issue, then we look forward to contacting you.

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Application of LAMOVITA™


    LAYERING involves applying various LAMOVITA™ products one after the other.

    The advantages of this type of application are, among other things, that each individual product can be applied specifically to certain areas of the skin (eyes, lips), as well as each product individual can be worked in deeper.

    No breaks are left, as the concentrated LAMVOVITA™ products are always applied to the still moist skin.

  • MIX

    Unlike LAYERING, MIX involves applying different LAMOVITA™ products at the same time.

    The advantage of this type of application is that for certain parts of the face or body the mixture can be prepared, for example, you can mix an eye cream from 2xSERUM(siero) and 1xCREME (crema) in the palm of your hand and apply it before the complete facial treatment, while for the entire face you can choose a mix 2xSERUM, 1xOIL and 2xCREME, for example.

    The other advantage is time saving, because e.g. the whole body is treated only 1 x with the individual mix mixture.


    LAMOVITA™ masks are both MASKS and PEELING for the skin.

    MASCHERA is applied to the skin pre-cleansed with LAVAGGIO of LAMOVITA™ and still warm and damp, from the absorption of the mask to the removal of the mask as part of a peeling.

    To do this, massage the mask with your hand or with a fine damp cloth in gentle circular movements to obtain, after the strengthening, nourishing and invigorating effect, in addition to the exfoliating effect.

    In addition to facial peeling, also suitable as a body scrub.

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  • SKIN

    Skin health is our ultimate goal.


    Give the skin what you could eat yourself.


    Sustainability is our contribution to the environment.


    The skin gets what it needs.