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We have received the following photos from LAMOVITA™ customers and have included them in the SELFIE-THEK exactly as we received them (also in the quality of the photos). The photos exclusively represent skin improvements that were achieved with LAMOVITA™ care products.

Without facelift
Without injections or other interventions
Without addition of food supplements

We assure and guarantee that the images have not been post-processed or retouched

The sometimes clearly visible tightening does not only occur on the surface of the skin, but also affects the subcutaneous fatty tissue as well as the connective tissue. Therefore, in some photos the face or the respective part of the face appears visibly narrower due to the tightening.

In some cases there are only a few weeks between the pictures, usually the results are visible within 3-4 months with the consistent use of LAMOVITA™ from head to toe, depending on the previous skin condition.

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That's what we stand for!

  • SKIN

    Skin health is our ultimate goal.


    Give the skin what you could eat yourself.


    Sustainability is our contribution to the environment.


    The skin gets what it needs.

Stories from our customers

  • Ilona, 53 years old, has been using Lamovita for more than 1 year:

    My skin - especially on my hands - has been an allergenic seborrheic and allergy-prone skin since I was 14 years old.

    I know times when the flesh was visible on the hands, the skin was burst open - and at times I could only touch my children with cotton gloves. Friends and acquaintances knew me in winter with open hands - the soul suffers again, were my words always to this.

    When I was hired in May 2021 as a manager of a large Covid test center with the requirement to wear gloves permanently, hand disinfection and 10-hour days in full protective clothing, I just thought: how is that supposed to go well with my hands ???

    Since I use the products daily, I spread them more intensively with my hands on my face and body. Especially with the Aqua and the oil - but also with the cream I always had the feeling in the evening, the strained hands literally soak up the products.

    In all these months, my hands have shown no reaction to the overuse. I could and can even finally run my household without gloves for years - with cleaning and dishwashing detergent I can contact without hesitation without protection for 40 years. The skin is and remains wonderful! This is also a result of Lamovita products.

    No cortisone ever made my hands appear soft and tender. They were always plagued otherwise. In addition, I have used a total of very many and very expensive products. Lamovita is the only product that really helps me and shows when my skin is "thirsty and hungry".

    Thank you to exceptional products, which only MUST be recommended.