LAMOVITA™ natural cosmetics

Fresh cosmetics from the power source of nature

Fascination skin!

How can such changes be possible? LAMOVITA™ uses a simple and already existing mechanism of the skin for this:

The regenerative capacity!

Natural process

Maximum renewal of the skin

While most body cells do not divide after development is complete, the cells of the skin possess this ability throughout their lives. The skin renewal process takes an average of 28 days.

LAMOVITA™ takes advantage of this natural and permanent process by providing in each cycle the skin not only with the essential factors such as moisture and lipids, but at the same time with vitamins, minerals as well as a high density of biophotons (energy) through the fresh and natural (highest bioavailability) vitamins and secondary plant substances.

Aging processes can be reversed in this way first, then delayed to the maximum. At the same time antioxidants delay the natural aging of the skin.

LAMOVITA™ does not rejuvenate the skin, but optimizes the already existing renewal process.

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