LAMOVITA™ natural cosmetics

What makes LAMOVITA™ different

Combination of active and effect cosmetics
Natural food in organic quality (vegan)
Packaging sustainability
Production process
Application philosophy
modular structure
natural antioxidants
secondary plant compounds
seasonal orientation (production and application)
renunciation of superfluous preservation and thickener
automatic quarterly delivery
price guarantee for quarterly customers

... in short: EVERYTHING ! Try it, you will be thrilled!

Freshness = Life

LIGHT and WATER are the drivers for photosynthesis, without which no life would be possible. Shortly after harvesting, the energy level of the food is still the highest and then decreases from minute to minute, from day to day.

This is exactly what explains the effect of LAMOVITA™.

About our products

Secondary plant substances

Freshness is the active secret of LAMOVITA™. The fresher the food, the higher the energy content that can be passed on to the skin via LAMOVITA™ - and to the entire body via the skin as a metabolic organ. In addition to this power, it is specifically the secondary plant substances that make LAMOVITA™ a unique power source for skin health.

Studies have shown that an orange has many more antioxidants than the same amount of vitamins isolated from it. Natural vitamins are therefore so effective because, in combination with the respective secondary plant compounds are absorbed and utilized.

About our products

That's what we stand for!

  • SKIN

    Skin health is our ultimate goal.


    Give the skin what you could eat yourself.


    Sustainability is our contribution to the environment.


    The skin gets what it needs.